Innovative Seed Grant Program Application

Select from the following links, or scroll down the page, to learn about the Innovative Seed Grant application details, requirements, and process. When you are ready to submit your application, login (upper right corner) and click on the "Create new" link in the 2014 Seed Grant box to the left of this message. Pressing "SAVE" at the bottom of the electronic application will submit your application. You may edit your application until the submission deadline (February 21, 2014 at 5:00 pm). To edit your application, click on "My Account" found upper right part of the page and then click on "My Proposals".  You can then choose "Edit" and your proposal will be accessible. To change uploaded document content, delete the old document and upload your new one. Remember to Save your changes before leaving the site! Note:  There is no "Submit" button.  When you save your document, it is automatically submitted!


All Boulder campus Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty, Senior Instructors, and Career Track Research Faculty (i.e., Research Professors Series, Senior Research Associates* (SRA), and Research Associates* (RA)) who hold an appointment of half-time or more, and who are eligible to submit a grant as a principal investigator (PI) to the Office of Contracts and Grants, are eligible to apply.

*RA/SRA in short-term, transitional postdoctoral training positions should not apply as the intent of this award is to foster new and innovative programs of research and scholarly inquiry that will be of long-term benefit to CU-Boulder.

  • Only one responsible PI for each application. Collaborators are expected, but no Co-PI's.
  • Applicants may submit no more than one proposal as a PI.
  • IGP recipients from the past two years are not eligible to apply this year.
  • Projects with a major scientific or budgetary overlap with the PI's active research support are not eligible.
  • Projects with a primary focus on curriculum development are not eligible.
  • Applicants with existing resources that could be used to fund their proposal are discouraged.

Application Preparation

  • Deadline: 5:00 p.m., Friday, February 21, 2014
  • To create an IGP proposal, login using the CU login and select "Create New" from the 2014 Seed Grant box at the top left of this screen.
    • All files must be uploaded as PDF documents.
    • Research/project plan is a maximum of 3 pages including all figures or tables plus 2 additional pages to list supporting citations for a total of 5 pages. Arial 11 pt type, 0.5" margin minimum. Please put the PI's name and running (short) title in the header on every page.
    • Files to be uploaded may not exceed 10MB in size.
  • You may edit your application up until the deadline.
  • Please DO NOT utilize the resources of the Office of Contracts and Grants in the preparation of these seed grant proposals.

The application requires the following information

  • Project Title
  • Project Summary: Provide a concise lay summary (350 words maximum) of the project and explain how it will foster future research vitality - scholarly and/or artistic - at CU-Boulder.
  • Principal Investigator name, e-mail, and department (only one PI per project; no Co-PIs)
  • Curriculum Vitae: Upload the Principal Investigator PDF file.
  • Collaborators and their roles, if applicable, (name, institution, Unit/Dept) whose participation significantly expands the scope and or direction of the proposed research or creative work.
  • Amount Requested (no overhead or indirect costs allowed).
  • Desired Review Venue
    • Arts & Humanities
    • Basic Physical Sciences
    • Biomedical Sciences
    • Engineering & Applied Sciences
    • Geosciences & Environmental Sciences
    • Social Sciences & Professional Schools
  • See "Success Stories" for examples of types of proposals reviewed by each group.
  • Project Budget and Justification file: Clearly itemize, by category, the major expenditures that will be required to carry out the proposal. No overhead or indirect costs may be included.  Also, concisely provide a justification of the items requested in the budget. Budgets that request solely faculty salary support are discouraged. Faculty course or teaching buy-out is not allowed. Focus particular attention on providing a justification of items listed in your budget that may not be obvious to reviewers who are familiar with but are not experts in your specific field of research or creative work. Include how much/who/what. Upload as a PDF file.
  • Project Plan: Attach a Research Plan that briefly describes the aims, significance, methods, and expected outcomes of the project, highlighting how it involves a new and creative direction for the researchers and has the potential for establishing new research directions and/or high future payoff. Upload as a PDF file. Maximum length is 3 pages.
  • Selected honors and awards/Representative Scholarly Work or Publications Relevant to this Proposal: Be sure to highlight those published works that are directly relevant to your ability to carry out the proposed project.
  • Other Research Support: Identify all currently active support, or support that will be active as of next fiscal year. Include agency, amount, project title, and award duration.
  • Remember, the projects may take any variety of forms but must represent an investment in the future research, scholarly, or artistic vitality of the university and demonstrate promise for expansion of the project goals in the future. The projects can come from all and any disciplines at the university, with those involving interdisciplinary work that will foster interaction among CU faculty particularly welcome.
    • Proposals should use clear writing appropriate for non-specialists and make a strong case for the importance of the project to those outside the area of study.
    • Include the PI's name and the year of application within the document title, e.g., RMooreResearchPlan2013.pdf.
    • Attachments must be in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.
    • Documents should be in Arial 11 pt type with at least 0.5" margins and be no longer than 3 pages in length, including charts/figures.
    • You may add up to 2 additional pages for literature citations at the end of the Research Plan, for an absolute total of five pages.

Review Process

We hope to complete the proposal review process March 8th and 9th and to make funding decisions by early April 2014. The procedure for evaluating proposals will be as follows.

  • Faculty review committees will review proposals in six general areas:
    • Arts & Humanities
    • Basic Physical Sciences
    • Biomedical Sciences
    • Engineering & Applied Sciences
    • Geosciences & Environmental Sciences
    • Social Sciences & Professional Schools
  • The review committees will evaluate proposals not only for their intellectual merit and broader impacts, but also for their innovation and potential for establishing new research directions, including those created by new interdisciplinary collaborations among CU faculty.
  • Scoring: 30 total points possible: Intellectual Merit (20), Potential (5), Interdisciplinary/Collaborations (5)
    • Intellectual Merit, including proposal creativity and innovation, project alignment to the goals of the IGP, the significance of the stated goals and likely results to the field, the soundness of the research plan, and the likelihood of successful completion of project.
    • Potential for scholarly growth and continued funding support beyond the seed grant phase
    • Interdisciplinary Research and Expansion of Collaborations, potential for developing new or strengthening existing, productive collaborations, especially between CU faculty.

Questions or technical difficulties?

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  • If you are still unsure how to login, go to your email and find your "User Name" and "Password" under "Account Information". These are the correct CU login credentials to enter.
  • For technical difficulties, send an email to
  • For general questions about the Seed Grant Program, send an email to